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Panoor Restaurant Dubai & Sharjah Menu & Location By Hulm Dubai

Panoor Restaurant Dubai & Sharjah Menu & Location By Hulm Dubai

Panoor Restaurant was established in 1983, it is a non-veg restaurant that is leading across UAE and is expanding across the GCC as well. Panoor Restaurant has now grown as one of the best restaurants in the UAE. Mr. NK Kunjammad Haji and NK Muneer and his brothers helped the Panoor restaurant to reach the present milestone with their efforts.

Our dishes are mouth-watering and are famous across the UAE and the Indian cookery which lies not in high spicing but in the delicacy of spicing it is delicious. Our restaurant is a restaurant that serves delicious Indian food which includes lamb, chicken, shrimp, fish, and tandoori dishes. We even have high-quality authentic Chinese dishes with which the whole family can enjoy eating. Know more about Bosporus Restaurant Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Panoor Restaurants Locations:-

The Panoor restaurants has 5 following locations in the United Arab Emirates,
1. Al Qusais
2. Sharjah
3. Al Nahda
4. Ajman
5. Ajman City
6. Qatar Al Khor
7. Qatar Al Mansoura

Panoor Restaurants Menu:-

The Panoor restaurant has delicious menu, the followings in the menu:
1. Arabic lunch
2. Breakfast
3. Desserts
4. Burger
5. Snacks
6. Lunch
7. Fusion of Kerala
8. Soup and Salad
9. Starters (veg)
10. Tandoor Grill Dishes
11. Starters (non-veg)
12. Bread
13. North Indian
14. Chinese Cuisine