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5 TikTok Statistics You Should Know Followers & Likes

5 TikTok Statistics You Should Know Followers & Likes

Tiktok has become one of the largest social media apps these days. People love to download the application. They not only enjoy watching the hilarious content on this platform rather like to share their videos as well. If you don’t get enough shares or activity on your TikTok, one of the best things to do is buy TikTok shares. If you are a beginner and wondering why TikTok has become so popular and how you can get fame through this app, then you should first know the five statistics that attract the user. Therefore, you will come to know the reason for the popularity, and ultimately you want to spend time on this app.

1. TikTok is the Second Most Downloaded Mobile Application Lately

Sensor Tower published a report that TikTok is the second most downloaded app these days. WhatsApp is still at number one. The statistical data shows that about 220 million people download this app from the Google Play store in the First Quarter of 2019. It was a big hit for the app creator. It left behind Facebook, messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, and another famous social media platform. The new video-sharing formula with the addition of music gives an enticing effect on the user. Thus, people not only download to view the TikTok video rather enjoy sharing their clips too.

2. 275% Increase of in-app Purchases

Another report shows the popularity of this app. That is the dramatic increase in in-app purchases from TikTok. According to reports, the purchase of emojis, extra in-app, and gifts have increased by about 275%. TikTok followers show interest has improved the revenue of the app.

3. The Largest Age Range of TikTok Users is between 16-24 Years Old

An interesting fact about TikTok is that the young generation uses this app more. If you want to have more TikTok Likes than, target the young generation who find this platform full of entertainment.

4. TikTok is an Addictive Platform

It is an engaging app. The report shows that people now use TikTok to kill their spare time. They use it multiple times. On average people on Twitter use the app for 15 days while TikTok users use the app 35 to 40 times.

5. TikTok is Available in 75 Languages Across 150 Markets

TikTok has the most popular market these days. The app is used worldwide. In China it is known as Doyen, and while in other countries the app runs with the name of TikTok. People access it daily. They make quality content and do their videos viral to get popularity. Thus, it has become an excellent platform to appeal to the audience. You can use the app in 75 languages, so no matter what is your targeted audience, you can access and seek attention.


Tiktok has become one of the best marketing platforms. Many business people are using the app to target their audience and improve marketing. Moreover, for the young generation, it has become an excellent source to show their skills and get popularity. Through this app, people are bringing ideas to seek the attention of the viewers and get more TikTok likes as well as followers.

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