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Best consoles of the last decade | Consoles there are many

Best consoles of the last decade | Consoles there are many

Consoles there are many, but only some can be considered the best of the decade. There is some competition between the various models. However, the gaming world does not end with Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft.

The best consoles of the last decade

Taking stock of the best consoles requires analysis with a certain perspective and a global vision. We have compiled our list. We hope you find it interesting. Also, if you want the information to decide which console to buy, we encourage you to visit our catalogue.

We have been in this sector for 25 years, betting on the highest quality. With a focus on the circular economy and sustainability, we sell second-hand in the best conditions. Not only do you take consoles like new, but you also contribute to reducing the environmental impact.

As you know, there will be less CO2 emissions by taking advantage of ready-made devices and not having to manufacture new ones. The technology we sell has passed reviews to verify its perfect operation. In addition, it has a two-year guarantee, immediate financing and free shipping. That said, let’s move on to review the best consoles of the last decade.

1. Smartphones and personal computers

Although it may seem strange to you,  smartphones are the devices on which most games have been played in the last ten years. In addition to this, personal computers are increasing their performance for video games in a remarkable way. This makes both consoles of great quality. What would gaming be without them?

You have very obvious examples, such as  Candy Crush, Angry Birds, Pokémon Go and  Fortnite.  On the other hand, who hasn’t played  League of Legends on their home computer? It is clear, that the console format has two major competitors in these media.

2. Nintendo Switch

This product is gaming history. It is an example of innovation and adaptation to the tastes of users. The experience is extraordinary and has been rewarded with great commercial success. After the lacklustre global reception of the Nintendo Wii U in 2012, the company gave the home console concept a spin. What was your solution? A hybrid proposal. This gamble paid off. Sales continue to rise even years after its release.

Nintendo introduced it on March 3, 2017. To begin with, it was cheaper than Sony’s PlayStation 4 and, in addition, equalled that of the Xbox One S. However, unlike these, Nintendo Switch introduced the aforementioned console concept hybrid. This means you can plug it into a TV and play it back in normal home console style.

There are almost endless options for games. Among them is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Luigi’s Mansion 3 and Splatoon 2,  to name just a few. Super Mario Odyssey, Astral Chain or Fire Emblem: Three Houses and  Pokémon Sword & Shield are other wonders for gamers.

3. Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS shares many of the features of its predecessors. Successfully bet on all three dimensions. You can download games via wifi or buy physical cartridges for 3DS. You have a microphone that allows you to record sounds to play back. You can save files to an SD card and even transfer photos and music files to other devices.

You can plug in headphones, thanks to a standard jack. There are sliders for the volume and also for the 3D effect. In addition to all these technical features, this model makes gamers’ fantasies come true. Above all,  3D lovers have a sure value in it. You don’t need glasses to fully enjoy your games.

Such is the quality offered by this device that certain urban legends came to run. For example, it was said that the head could ache or even explode after playing for half an hour.

3. Xbox One

The Xbox One is Microsoft’s eighth-generation video game console. It is the continuation of the original Xbox and Xbox 360. It was launched on November 22, 2013, in several countries, including Spain. Its production officially ended at the end of 2020.

This console has changed a lot since it was announced in May 2013 and the contributions have improved it. This is because it has practically the same characteristics and policies as PlayStation 4. The changes were due to policies that gamers did not like,  which could have conditioned its life cycle.

Some of the policies that are still in doubt are, for example, the sale and exchange of games. Yes, you can buy and sell just like in other systems. Second, no, there is no mandatory online check-in.

You don’t have to keep your Xbox One connected to the Internet to constantly sign in. You may have to plug it in once to update the system software, but that’s about it. You can play completely offline after that if you want. However, the most logical thing is that you want to take advantage of the functions of Xbox Network, to which you have to connect.

4. PlayStation 4

There is one fact that says almost everything. This is the fourth console with the most registered sales. Sony’s PlayStation 4 (PS4) is one of the top three video game consoles currently on the market. We have already told you about the other two: Xbox One from Microsoft and Nintendo Switch. It was released in late 2013 as part of the eighth generation of the video game console. It is a continuation of the PlayStation 3 and the popular PlayStation 2. However, it packs more power than these and does so in a smaller size.

Later in 2016, two upgraded models of the PS4 were released: a  slim model that featured a smaller frame, and a  pro model that offered more power.

Surely you know some or all of these consoles. You can judge for yourself and decide which is for you the best of the decade. Be that as it may, it is clear that these that we have included in this list have marked many gamers and will continue to do so in the future. If you are left wanting more, read the 5 Android consoles that every Gamer should try.

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