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Hayward Aquavac 650 Robotic Pool Cleaner – Review

Hayward Aquavac 650 Robotic Pool Cleaner - Review

The only and only Hayward Aquavac 650 robotic pool cleaner. It is common in our family to spend hours in the pool. Since we moved into this house as newlyweds, we used the collection whenever we could and in hot weather almost daily. But since we have children, the use has tripled since it is practically one of their favorite entertainments. They love to swim and play in the water and are desperately waiting for summer to start using it. It fascinates us because it is time we share with the family, and it is also a good way for them to play and have fun outdoors, doing physical activity.

Using it so frequently, we invest a lot in caring for the pool, and we must keep it clean to spend pleasant and healthy moments with the family.

For all this, we believed that the average cleaning Aquavac 650 Hayward service was insufficient, so we chose to have a robot.

That’s how we got to the Hayward Aquavac 650. We bought this pool cleaner robot three months ago and are fascinated with the results.

AboutThe Hayward Aquavac 650 Robotic Pool Cleaner

When we decided to buy the robot, we thought the best alternative was to buy it from Amazon. For those of you who haven’t used it yet, do. It is a very reliable store, and it has worked great for us whenever we have used it and you might be interested in Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner.

It was no different with our robot, which came in perfect condition in its package, with many accessories.

hayward aquavac

Why buy the Hayward Aquavac 650 pool cleaner? Pros and cons

An efficient pool Hayward Aquavac 650 cleaner contributes a lot to a more pleasant home.

I often don’t call the cleaner because I know the robot can take care of it and will do a very efficient and satisfying job.

It is ideal because it reaches corners where even sometimes people cannot go and removes every last particle of dirt, ensuring a fantastic day at the pool. Since I liked it so much, I have listed the strong and weak aspects of the pool cleaner so that you can review it more carefully.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Aquavac 650


  • Has Wi-Fi.
  • Good pool length capacity.
  • It has full coverage.
  • Works in all types of pools.
  •  Includes transport car.
  • Autonomous pool cleaner.
  • Good brushing and filtration.
  • 17-meter cable.
  • Excellent filtration system.
  • Works with cable.


  • 2.5-hour cleaning cycle.
  • High price.

✅ Advantages of the Hayward 650 Aquavac

At present, a machine having a mobile application is essential. The app allows you to configure the Hayward Aquavac 650 cleaning from the comfort of your smartphone, which is very comfortable and much more convenient than going to where the cleaner is when you have to program something new.

Hayward Aquavac 650 parts are easily available in the market.

It is an ultra-useful virtue that collaborates with the speed of the device.

This pool cleaner is doing very well concerning how many meters the pool cleaner covers. This model reaches 12 meters in length, which is more than enough if we consider what most Spanish pools measure.

At least in our pool, this works fantastic.

Hayward Pool Cleaner

The coverage of this pool cleaner is complete since it can cover the bottom of the pool, the walls, and the water line.

This is an excellent point in favor as it leaves the entire pool spotless, sometimes managing to clean more than the cleaning service does. In this way, the cleaning service is in-depth; therefore, the product is worth every penny.

It seems brutal to me that the cleaner is suitable for any pool, both above ground and in-ground, and in any kind of coating, be it fiberglass, liner, tile, pebble, etc.

This is fantastic as usage grows, and the robot is much more versatile. It is precisely this that allows you to put it to work in different pools.


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For me, including a cart is very good. These products are generally difficult to transport, so it is convenient to collaborate in the transfer.

With this piece, it is much easier.

When buying the model, I expressly set it to be automatic since there is also the option of hydraulic robots that work with the pool filter.

The fact that it is electronic not only makes it possible to clean it in my pool, which is quite large but also that I find it much more comfortable, in addition to helping to reduce water and energy consumption.

The pool cleaner scans the environment and moves with total autonomy, efficiently traversing the entire space, and you will not need to take care of anything other than putting it to work.

The brush system is the secret to the device’s incredible cleaning results, and they do an astonishing cleaning.

It uses three brushes, which allow profound cleaning and remove every last particle of dust from the pool, no matter how small.

A good cable length is essential to increase comfort and clean every corner of the pool. This is a fundamental point to take into account.

This cleaner has a 17-meter cable, containing the entire pool environment without getting tangled. In addition, it has an anti-knot system that prevents it from getting entangled in its path and prevents it from breaking.

Regarding its type of filtering, this specific model uses interchangeable fine and ultra-fine filters, which collect large debris and the most imperceptible dirt.

With this filter technology, no dirt escapes the robot. When it’s over, it’s fascinating to see how much garbage is contained in the filters. The pool is super shiny.

The advantage of pool cleaners that work with energy transmitted by cable for their operation is that they work unlimitedly. They do not need interruptions to reload, as is the case with wireless, so the whole process is faster.

❌ Disadvantages of the Aquavac 650 Hayward

Although the cleaning cycle duration is not too long, I consider that it is three hours when the pool is disabled and that, compared to a cleaning service, the process takes more time.

Hayward Automatic Pool Cleaner Aquavac

It’s not very relevant because if you check the times carefully and put it to work when you know you won’t be using the pool, the problem is practically solved. However, it has happened to me from time to time to get into the pool, see how dirty it was, and not want to bathe or wait because until the robot finished, it was getting very dark, and the temperature dropped.

I must mention that it is not one of the cheapest pool cleaners. It could be onerous for those who do not use the pool much or have a small one that is cleaned. In our case, it is advantageous, and we often use it.

It is an excellent product that, although it is worth it, it will depend on each case if the Hayward Aquavac 650 price is appropriate or not, or if it is worth the expense because it must be considered that it is a significant amount that will have to be paid to buy the product.

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