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How To Sell Your Television Without Leaving Home

How To Sell Your Television Without Leaving Home

At some point in our lives, we have all come across products at home that we no longer use, and we don’t know what to do with them. If you haven’t turned on the TV for a long time, perhaps the best option is to sell the television: this way, you will recover some of the money from your initial investment, and you can use it for something else. In addition, you will give a second life to this device that is still in good condition and can serve another person. If you have already decided, we will explain how to sell it without leaving home so that the whole process is simple and does not represent any effort.

The convenience of being able to sell items without leaving home

Before the arrival of the internet and all its connectivity and advances, many things were inconceivable. Still, in the digital age in which we live, there are many functions that we can perform by simply pressing a few keys on a mobile device and without leaving home.

One of these is to sell products online. This procedure is straightforward, and you need to describe the item for sale, in this case, your television, and publish good quality photos of it so that the buyer can get an idea of ​​the product they are going to buy. 

There are currently many platforms that offer this online sales service. Still, today we want to talk specifically, so that you can be convinced of its advantages and conclude that it is the best option to sell your television. But first, you should look at the seven things you need to do before you put your TV up for sale.

Why sell television on the Online platform?

As you know, we have been buying and selling second-hand products in Spain for 25 years. We are specialists in buying and selling those products that you no longer use, but which, being in good condition, can be very attractive to other people. . In addition, you reduce your carbon footprint by putting a product in the circular economy and, therefore, taking care of the environment. Check out more at Hulm Dubai.

Environmental awareness 

We have already mentioned it, but any emphasis is little on this important topic. It is unsustainable for the planet to have an economy and a culture that buys and buys and quickly throws away products with a long shelf life. That is why we bet on second chances.

Buying and selling second-hand items is a great practice that reduces the levels of waste and pollution of the environment by giving a second use to a product that is still in good condition. In addition, the buyer also saves money, which is not a minor advantage. We recommend you read the five false myths about second-hand products that will surely surprise you!

Advantages of selling a TV with us

  • To sell your products in online, you don’t need to spread your phone or email, and you don’t have to wait days until someone buys them from you.
  • In a few clicks, you have a transparent appraisal.
  • They pick up the items at your house.
  • They give you the money instantly.
  • It provides a 2-year warranty and outstanding support that drives the purchase and makes it happen faster.

The process to sell your television online

At this point, we hope we have convinced you that selling your television without leaving home through the online platform is your best option.

We will explain the process step by step so that you can put your item up for sale.

  1. Go to online and fill out the sales form to explain your television’s status, characteristics, and functionalities.
  2. Upload quality photos of the device to make a better assessment.
  3. Receive an estimated price. After evaluating the television, Online will give you the first price in less than 48 hours.
  4. Send your product for free for the final appraisal, and this is the last step to be able to make the final appraisal.
  5. If you accept the value of the appraisal and everything is correct, Online will deposit the agreed amount into your account.

Appraisal process

A online appraiser will review your application and product and offer you a price range based on the item’s condition. There are three possible states:

  • Perfect condition: the product has no signs of use. It may have had limited and non-continuous use.
  • The product is in good condition, although it may present a slight superficial mark caused by use.
  • Used condition: the product is in good condition, although with signs of use, such as some scratches.

If you accept the appraisal, your television is scheduled to be shipped. Once online receives your product, the actual face-to-face appraisal and sale price will be set. The information you provide us through the form must be as close to reality so that the appraisal does not vary.

Recoverable sale

If you want to temporarily get money for your items, you can do so with the online recoverable sale service. With this modality, you will be able to obtain extra money quickly with the security that you will be able to repurchase your item during the following 30 days. Unlike the “normal” sale, with the recoverable sale, Online buys your item, stores it in its warehouses, and does not expose it in the store so that it cannot be purchased.

  • The recoverable sale is 100% transparent, and you will always have your product information, recovery date, and fees.
  • The system is fast and easy to use, ideal for unforeseen circumstances.
  • Your products will be completely safe in the online warehouses.