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PUMA to collaborate with the Dubai community to upgrade the basketball court

PUMA to collaborate with the Dubai community to upgrade the basketball court

It is expected that the renovation will promote positive community relationships.

Here is fantastic news for basketball lovers.

PUMA is not the only company to merge with other fashion brands and construct something new in Dubai. Talking just about a few days ago, we witnessed this fantastic response to the collaboration of local restaurant Ravi with Adidas Originals to invent a one-of-a-kind pair of shoes.

The basketball court in Al Jafiliya Square has been updated and recovered by PUMA in association with Dubai Municipality.

The renovation of the basketball court has been visioned towards promoting basketball in the regional community and helping maintain the game in the region while motivating the young people to participate in sports and elaborate in their local community.

It is anticipated that the up-gradation of the basketball court will bring the neighborhood close through the sports.

Players and fans of basketball must be charmed by this renovation. A great graffiti artist Diego Wikander painted fantastic scenery, which is expected to grab some attention. Know more about Six Convenient Places In Dubai To Obtain A PCR Test.

The project renovation is part of Dubai Municipality’s attempt to promote community-based sports. Al Jafiliya court is the first name in the series of sports complexes that will be developed.

Dubai Municipality’s Director General, Daoud Al Hajri, said: “Al Jafiliya Square, which opened in 2001, is one of the distinctive recreational facilities that we seek to develop continuously, as the municipality has cooperated with PUMA to carry out technical and development works for the basketball court in the square, as part of its efforts to take care of all services and facilities recreational and sports and maintaining the sustainability of the aesthetics of the civilized appearance of the Emirate of Dubai.”