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The Guinness World Record Holder Deep Dive Dubai opens in the UAE

The Guinness World Record Holder Deep Dive Dubai opens in the UAE

The Guinness World Record Holder Deep Dive Dubai opens in the UAE

Ever thought of exploring the other dimension underwater? Well, here’s your chance. In Deep Dive Dubai, you can explore a city that has been flooded and abandoned. Explore remarkable 60 meters underwater featuring an arcade, garage, and other super visual features, created for professionals and beginners to dive in. 

This record-breaking underwater adventure allows an inexperienced diver to explore under the supervision and safety of a controlled diving environment. It is loaded with 14 million liters of water, equal to 6 Olympic-sized pools. It Contains 56 underwater cameras. Deep Dive Dubai opens a gate to another world for skilled divers and thrill-seekers who want to go deeper and further.

Check out the Deep Dive Dubai price accordingly as per their packages. 

Check out the Deep Dive Dubai price accordingly as per their packages

The prices for different sessions can vary. If you want to explore Deep Dive Dubai but aren’t curious enough to go deep, snorkeling could be the best for you, with the snorkeling vest designed especially for beginners to keep you on the water’s surface. Enjoy snorkeling in only 400aed.

The scuba diver dives to look around, and the freediver dives to look inside. Further, to explore the underwater city from the surface under 5 meters maximum depth. For beginners, there will be a professional diver along to guide. You can choose this freediving package only for 1100aed. (Please note that this is a breath-holding dive) Learn more about The Fitness Club, F45 Is About To Open Its New Branches In Dubai.

Without any experience in scuba diving, you can still enjoy up to 12m deep scuba diving with a quick introduction to the swimming gears and a short review of the fundamentals of scuba diving. Here come three different packages for scuba diving. 

The first discover package only in 1800 AED included:

  • All diving equipment
  • Experienced instructor
  • Guided experience through sunken city up to 12m
  • Video upgrade available at checkout

The second premium package only in 2400 AED includes:

  • All above plus
  • Instagram-style, edited video to share with family and friends
  • Honorary wall certificate

The third platinum package only in 3000 AED includes:

  • All from both experiences plus
  • Guaranteed 1:1 instructor-to-student ratio
  • Short and long video edits
  • Personalized images
  • Personalized, behind-the-scenes facility tour

Wanted to know the Deep Dive Dubai ticket price? It’s much more feasible than ever.

Deep Dive Dubai offers you a feasible visit and chance to explore this thrilling adventure with just 400aed. If you’ve never dived before, then what are you thinking? Just head to them and begin your underwater adventures, which include scuba diving, snorkeling, and freediving up to the maximum depth of 5 meters. Furthermore, they also offer you scuba diving courses. It provides you with the world’s safest, most unique, and most exciting training center.

Know about the benefits of deep diving in Dubai.

Know about the benefits of deep diving in Dubai

After knowing all the following benefits, you wouldn’t resist deep diving in Dubai because this is a fun and healthy activity that you can continue for a lifetime. The best use is to exercise your whole body by moving it against water resistance. The movement of your overall body keeps up the heart rate and takes your stress away, helping strengthen your muscles and cardiovascular fitness. It is an excellent all-round activity because it provides full-body workouts, as all your body muscles are working.

The world’s deepest pool: Deep Dive Dubai location.

The world's deepest pool: Deep Dive Dubai location.

Swim your worries away. Motivated by the UAE’s rich pearl-diving legacy of the past, this adventure sets new altitudes and depth in the country’s idealistic vision for a great future. Deep Dive Dubai is located in Nad Al Sheba, 15 minutes from Downtown Dubai.

Required age limit at Deep Dive Dubai for safety concerns.

Required age limit at Deep Dive Dubai for safety concerns

There is no maximum age limit which is required to dive. Yet, the minimum age limit at Deep Dive Dubai is that the participants must be older than ten years to explore Deep Dive Dubai.