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Wakha Restaurant Dubai Locations & Menu By Hulm Dubai

Wakha Restaurant Dubai Locations & Menu By Hulm Dubai

Wakha Restaurant Dubai Locations & Menu By Hulm Dubai

Wakha restaurant is the one of a kind of restaurant where you can choose your cut and then will prepare that meat the way you like it and Shinwari cuisine is reowned for customized for butchering and cooking, At Wakha they just want you to admire and feel the warmth of the authentic amazing Shinwari cuisine and Afghan cuisine. The staffs and the managements priority is to ensure that all the customers receive excellent service and all are served with the meals of the superior in refinement, taste and presentation.

Shinwari cuisine is the meat in which the meat is charcoal grilled or cooked but it is cooked with no spices but only salt and it is cooked in lamb’s own fat.

Afghan is actually nestles between Iran and the Indian Subcontinent and the former Soviet Union so the positioning of the food has also led to some great flavors combinations that makes the use of the native ingredients. You might be interested in Green City Restaurant Locations In Dubai & Menu.

 Wakha Restaurants Locations:-

The  wakha restaurants has 3  following locations in the united arab emirates,

  1. Jumeirah
  2. Al Barsha
  3. Al Nahda

Wakha Restaurants Menu:-

Wakha is a world-renowned seafood restaurant on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. The menu features both Scottish and international seafood dishes. Prices are moderate, and the atmosphere is upscale and relaxed. Wakha has been praised by many food critics for its inventive seafood dishes, Mediterranean-style meze, and wine list.

The Wakha Restaurant offers a variety of seafood dishes that come from all over the world. There are traditional Scottish dishes such as Cullen Skink with tatties and cranachan, as well as international fare like sea bass blackened with paprika and garlic served with creamy polenta fries and tzatziki sauce. The wine list includes several Chilean wines from Mendoza, Argentina, as well as Australian wines from Victoria Valley The wakha restaurant has delicious menu, they followings in the menu:.

  • Bolani Kachula (Potato filled bread)
  • Naane Keema
  • Bolani Bonjon
  • Mantou
  • Fatoush
  • Green Salad
  • Hummus
  • Fries
  • Raita
  • Shinwari Cuisine
  • Shinwari BBQ
  • Shinwari Lamb Tikka
  • Charcoal grilled lamb seasoned with salt and land natural fat.
  • Shinwari Boneless Lamb Tikka
  • Charcoal grilled lamb seasoned with salt and lamb natural fat.
  • Shinwari Chicken Tikka
  • Charcoal grilled chicken seasoned with salt.
  • Zafrani Kebab
  • Fine beed minced and marinated with Zafran and Afghani spices charcoal grilled to perfection served with mint sauce.