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Applications are now open for digital nomad visas for Costa Rica

Applications are now open for digital nomad visas for Costa Rica

As the details have been finalized about the scheme, here is how you could migrate to a Caribbean paradise

Are you fed up with working daily in the same routine, office, and messy stuff going on again and again? So, here is your chance to change everything in a snap. Everyone is exploring Costa Rica, and the country’s digital nomad visa program details have finally been made public which means that the gateway to one of the Caribbean’s most incredibly beautiful countries could finally be on the cards.

It’s been a long time for Costa Rica to implement its digital nomad visa scheme. Formerly, it was signed into law in August 2021 by Carlos Alvarado, the country’s president, the final details were already revealed earlier this month.

Now, there are some rules. For starters, you must have to be already working for a foreign company, and you must be a remote worker. And next, you must be making a minimum of $3,000 a month, and if you would like to bring your family too, then it rises to a minimum of $5,000.

You will be eligible to work and live in Costa Rica for a year once you meet the eligibility criteria, which can extend further for next year. For that time, you don’t have to pay any income tax or import duty for the things you buy to work. And yeah, you will be able to import up to two cars.

Costa Rica is one of the top destinations to work remotely and enjoy vacations simultaneously because the networking nights of hotels and shared workplaces to the entire residential communities are designed specifically for remote workers. This country indeed seems to welcome the enormous influx of digital nomads.

Some countries offer remote workers digital nomad visa schemes if the beaches have you cold.

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