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Cat vs Dog – The Better Choice As A Pet

Cat vs Dog - The Better Choice As A Pet

As a nation, we are all pet lovers. Cats and dogs have been kept as pets for many centuries because they offer unconditional love, affection, and friendships, as well as many therapeutic benefits such as improved general health and wellbeing. Choosing between keeping a cat or a dog can be a very tough decision. Cats and dogs have very different needs and characteristics and hence the decision is not only influenced by your lifestyle but also your personal choice.

Dog as a better pet choice 

Dogs are man’s best friend. They are loyal, intelligent, devoted and affectionate pets. For a person who is energetic and outdoorsy type, a dog can be a perfect choice. Dogs prefer fresh air and regular outdoor activity and are less suited to being kept caged and inside the home all the times. They are also said to be pack animals and are more social, friendly and happier pet.

Cats as a better pet choice

Cats are often labeled as an aloof creature but in reality, they are very playful and lovely as a pet. They can thrive in a family with kids and can be great fun to watch. Cats are extremely loyal. Giving them even slightest of attention and they’ll give loads of love in return. Another reason that cats are adored is that they are meticulous about grooming their own selves. They remain happy by being near to their master even if they are not given constant attention.

Cats vs dogs

Choosing between a cat and a dog is the toughest decision. Both are very loyal and lovable pets. There are certain factors that can contribute to making the decision of making a choice easier.


Training is the process of teaching and reinforcing commands that help the owner communicate his desires to his pet. When it comes to training, dogs are generally easier to train than cats. They are very keen to please their owner and meet their desires. Cats can also be trained but not as thoroughly as dogs. It requires more hard work, patience, and consistent practice to get ahead of their willful nature.


Costs are a major factor that needs to be kept in mind when deciding to keep a pet. When it comes to keeping a pet, dogs are usually more expensive to care than cats due to their costs of food, toys and vet bills. On the other hand, cats are independent in their nature and hence learn to care for themselves and rely on their owner only for food.


Dogs are perfectly happy to live in apartments but they require regular outdoor exercise. They require their owner to have an active lifestyle. However, if a person is not that active than cats can be the perfect companion. Cats do not need many areas to roam around and get accustomed to even small places.

The ultimate choice 

Cats and dogs have very different personality traits. Hence it is important to keep in mind all the factors and then make a wise choice.

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