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How Close Friends List Of Instagram Can Be Used By The Businesses

How Close Friends List Of Instagram Can Be Used By The Businesses

If you want to send the stories of Instagram to just a few people or a segment of people among your followers, thenyou must learn about the close friends’ list feature that Instagram has added to the app. There are few ways through which this list of close friends can be used by the businesses.

Close friends list of Instagram

The new feature of making the close friends list among the followers is the most awaited feature by the users as well as by many of the businesses. Sharing things and stories with a controlled people or a segment of people was what they wanted and now this feature is being enjoyed by many users and business accounts. Because of the million of followers, it was very difficult for the business accounts to share the specific content with the selective group of people. But with the close friends list, it became possible for them to share the content easily.

Ways through which businesses can use close friends list

Setting up the list of close friends on Instagram

This feature is only set up by the account holder and none of your follower can get into the close friends list. So the businesses can make the list of their followers which fall into the specific category of the people. If the followers have left the account or stopped following you, you can still add them in the list from the various locations.

Send your stories to the close friend list

After setting up the list of your close friends, the next step is to share the relevant stories with this list. The posts over your feeds are always on public and everyone can see that. But the stories you now share can be public or shared only with your close friends list.

Use this close friend list of Instagram for business accounts

Your business accounts can also use this close friends list for sharing specific posts with a segment of people. But the main thing is that the business account must follow those people. Business accounts normally do not follow their customers but if they want to create this list, they will have to follow them back to share specific content with them. Your top followers can be a part of it and giving them rewards will be easy for the businesses through making this list of close friends. This feature can also be used for the VIP groups of the customers or the exclusive customers with which you may want to share specific posts like to offer these customers specific deals, discounts, or an early access to these customers for new products.Many people use Instagram famous celebrity also used this platform to gain more fame.

Communication with the influencers

The close friends list of Instagram is a helpful tool for a better communication and collaboration with the influencers as well. Businesses now can use this close friends list to add the influencers and share the specific information about the products and their marketing strategy through these private posts.

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