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What Is the Average Salary of a Model and What it Takes to Be on Top

What Is the Average Salary of a Model and What it Takes to Be on Top

Those attractive faces and flawless bodies you see in magazines, billboards, and in tv commercials are known as models. They get paid to advertise brands and their products. Models are not only used for clothing brands but also for food and cosmetics. Modeling professional requires a lot of effort. It requires you to make yourself comfortable around different people and in different situations. Models need to be relaxed with cameras because that’s what modeling is all about being with cameras all day.

How Much a Model Earns | Expected Salary

Models that bring life to runway shows wear designer collection which is worth thousands of dollars. What seems perfect outside does not mean it’s the same inside, the many models that perform in New York’s fashion week do not have a glamorous financial condition. Models that become household names demand high rates for their work.

According to Forbes between June 2016 and June 2017, a collective amount of $109.5 million was made by the 10 highest paid models. Kendall Jenner who is 22-year old earned a total amount of $22 million which gives her the top spot in the recent list. All models do not get the right amount of salary, some of them get paid for their work in the form of expensive clothes.

The average annual salary that models get is about $32000-$48000 based on tenure levels.

How to Be a Successful Model

Create a Jaw-Dropping Modeling Portfolio

The first and the most important step in the modeling career is to make a well-versed Portfolio that showcases your solid points through excellent, stunning photos. It’s important to make a great first impression; in modeling your first impression is made by your portfolio.

The first thing that clients and modeling agencies will look at is your portfolio, so you will have to work hard on your portfolio. Create both an online version and a printed version of your portfolio so that you can send the online version to agencies via email, Instagram and Facebook.

Through E-Mail you can send data in  formal way, but you can send you E-mail just those persons you may know but Instagram and Facebook are social platform mostly all people have account on this platform and communicate with each other. This is best platform to send your portfolio   and when you meet someone face to face you can show them the printed one.

Work Commitment is the KEY

Modeling is a job that seems so easy on the outside but we don’t know the struggles a model faces. It takes a lot of commitment to make it to a successful model. You will be required to do a 12-hour photoshoot in winters and in windy conditions with a summer wardrobe while not expressing the condition on the face and shooting perfect shots without ever complaining.

Models have to maintain their diet, beauty, and fitness routine even when they are on a break. They have to leave their comfort zone, their family, and friends to travel internationally for a lengthy-time period. It’s not always about struggles, models do enjoy their job and traveling for work. Once you are in the modeling profession, keeping both possibilities in mind, the good and the bad, you will have to commit to work.

Being Professional is the Next Move

Modeling demands you to be more professional. Planning and time management skills are all you need to make it on the top. Return voicemails, answer phone calls, and reply to emails on time. You cannot afford to be 30 minutes late to a photoshoot or casting call, there’s no excuse for that.

To manage everything , best option is follow those people who are best in this filled just like Emanuela De Paula, Amitab bachan , Sharuk khan.

Always try to be 15 minutes early, because you are not only representing yourself but also your agency with which you are working. Give respect to everyone and receive the same reward. Politeness and respect will take you far in your modeling career.

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