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China locks down a district of 1 million people in Wuhan

China locks down a district of 1 million people in Wuhan

About a million people in Wuhan, the central city of China where the first coronavirus case was found, have been put on lockdown.

The residents of district Jiangxia have been ordered strictly to remain in their houses and shelters for at least three days because of the four recent Covid cases that have been found.

China adopts the ‘Zero Covid’ approach, which includes strict isolation guidelines, complete local lockdowns, and widespread testing.

As compared to other countries, because of this, much fewer people have died. But the strategy faces growing opposition as people and businesses face pressure from sanctions.

Regular testing has been taking place in the city of 12 million Wuhan, resulting from two asymptomatic cases in the last two days. The lockdown order was issued immediately after two additional cases were found in the district.

Early in 2020, Wuhan gained popularity around the globe as the first city ever subjected to severe limitations after scientists discovered the new coronavirus.

The world was shocked by the strict lockdown then, but soon only many countries and cities faced the same rules and regulations and were forced to isolate themselves in similar measures.

Later on, China eliminated the restrictions sooner than the other countries. As a result, it became to known as a Covid success story. But now, it has changed again by pursuing the ‘zero Covid’ approach, resulting in constant lockdowns instead of living with the virus as other countries are living.

Zero Covid has controlled life in China as it applies to sports choices, travel decisions, the schedule of your day’s activities, and sometimes, the ability to find work. The world has moved on with the virus, but China has continued its scanning, testing, showing scans, scanning, repeatedly testing, etc.

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