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Mother Sentenced for 17 years jail, speak for ordeal

Mother Sentenced for 17 years jail, speak for ordeal

Local media reports that the Brazilian women who was imprisoned by her husband for 17 years discusses about her ordeal along with their two children.

Police stated, the family was released from a home in the west Rio de Janerio in the Guaratiba neighbourhood on Thursday. Husband of the Brazilian woman was arrested.

The woman claimed that her husband said she will only leave the house once she is dead, according to the comments quoted by the Brazilian news site G1, It also says that, Luiz Antonio Santos Silva, the husband of the Brazilian woman had been married for 23 years. After being freed, the woman allegedly told the officials that her three childrens were physically and psychologically tortured and would go without foods for days.

By the pictures that were released by the police, it seems that the place where they were held as hostage was in a poor condition, dirty interior with low lightning. Two of the adult children were tied up, starved and unkempt when they were found by the Police. One adult was 19 and the other was 22 years-old.

Captain of the military police, William Oliveria also stated, “When we saw the state of the two children, we thought they wouldn’t have survived another week.” In comments quoted by Brazilian newspaper.

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