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Do You Know How to Tune Your Guitar?

Do You Know How to Tune Your Guitar?

Do you know how to tune your guitar? If your answer is no, we give you all the keys so you can do it easily. It will help you enjoy the best sound and play any song correctly.

What you should know about guitar tuning

Its strings vibrate and lose their initial tension every time you play the guitar. This causes that, progressively, its sound is not what you expected, and you get desperate when you verify that its sound is not the most recommended. To avoid this circumstance, what is known as tuning was created. You can carry out this process in three different ways:

  • With an electric tuner. It is a device you can connect to the guitar’s top near the soundboard or the corresponding pickup. You must select the string you will play and turn the plug until the product tells you that the sound is correct.
  • With a whistle tuner. It consists of a whistle with six mouthpieces, and your goal is to get the same sound as the whistle as you adjust each string.
  • To the air, You have to tune each string to a specific note. The first in E, the second in B, the third in G, the fourth in D, the fifth in A, and the sixth in E.

The type of tuning you choose will be the main protagonist of the sound you generate. Not surprisingly, professional musicians often have guitars tuned to different tones to perform one song or another. It is up to you to select the one you prefer. Do you want to know how you can tune your guitar?

Steps to tune a guitar

The use of the tuner is quite simple, and you have to read its instructions to know when it will consider the string to be in tune. However, it is possible that you do not have your tuner at hand, so you should consider the steps that we now describe to have your guitar in tune. What are The Best Camera Phones In The market?

Start by tuning the fifth string.

Look for an instrument that gives you that note or even some video on the Internet that allows you to get this sound. The final result will depend on the tuning of this string. Adjust progressively and press the string gently until you verify that the sound is correct. Use a flexible pick to make the sound flow more naturally. You can also do it with your thumb while controlling the movement’s intensity. Playing too hard causes the string to vibrate too much, and the sound is not the most appropriate.

Tune the first string

To know the sound it should have, you must put your ring finger on the seventh fret on the fifth string. The finger must strike the metal to create a harmonic. Press the fifth and adjust the pegbox while pressing the first until the sounds are identical.

Adjust the second string

Now you must use the first one as a base. Put your finger on the fifth fret of the second string and play the first open string. Go gently adjusting the pin; you will achieve the expected note.

It’s the moment of the third string.

It would help if you looked for the note Yes. Put your finger on the fourth fret of the third string and pluck the second string open. Do it simultaneously to achieve the same sound in both. Remember that you have to touch each string gently.

the fourth string

The base is the third string that will sound open, while the fourth appears plucked at the fifth fret. The process is the same as the one described in previous sections.

the fifth string

Although it was the first one you tuned, now it has to use the sound of the fourth to confirm that the process is correct. Put your finger on the fifth fret of the fifth and open the fourth.

The sixth and last string

Finish the tuning by placing your finger on the fifth fret of the sixth and plucking the fifth string. Turn the pegs to get the expected result. Play a topic you know to check that the tuning is correct. Following the steps above will achieve the standard tuning, but this can be varied by a half step or a step, depending on your needs.

The above steps will help you tune a guitar of any type. Remember that if yours is electric, you should consider the absence of a soundboard and a different tonality. In this case, tuners connect to the output of the connection cable and offer a splendid result. This way, you ensure that your guitar is ready to play what you want.

Are you going to buy a guitar or a tuner?

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