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Iran Zamin Restaurant Dubai Menu & Location By Hulm Dubai

Iran Zamin Restaurant

Iran Zamin Restaurant

Iran Zamin Restaurant was founded in 2003 in Dubai, and their journey in this restaurant started over 19 years ago with the opening of our first location as an authentic Persian restaurant in Deira. They focus on serving pure, authentic Persian Cuisine on the highest level of customer hospitality and food quality.

With the success and reputation, they built in the market and they expanded their operations with a second branch in 2009, a 7,000-square-foot restaurant in the heart of Dubai Marina. Then, in 2013, our third and largest branch in Iran Zamina restaurant was opened, with 8,500 square food spaces in a prime location in Dubai Downtown. Learn more about Salkara restaurant.

They relocated their first branch from Deira to Dubai Mall’s Fashion Avenue Food Court in 2018. Our objective is to serve the highest quality authentic cuisine with the highest level of hospitality in a family-friendly environment. You might be interested in Bosporus Restaurant Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Iran Zamina Restaurants Locations:-

The Iran Zamina restaurants has 3  following locations in the united arab emirates,

  1. Downtown Branch
  2. Marina Branch
  3. Dubai Mall Branch

Iran Zamina Restaurants Menu:-

Iran Zamin Restaurant serves an exquisite range of Iranian cuisine, which is sure to please any palate. The menu includes a variety of starters, main courses and desserts, all of which are made with the finest ingredients.

There’s something for everyone on the menu at Iran Zamin Restaurant, so there’s no need to worry about what to order. If you’re looking for a delicious and memorable meal, look no further than Iran Zamin Restaurant. The  Iran Zamina restaurant has delicious menu, the following is the menu:

  • Chicken Grilled Kebab
  • Minced Lamb Kebab
  • Beef Fillet Kebab
  • Special Mix Grilled
  • Dizi
  • Mixed Beef Fillet and Lamb Kebab