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Peter’s terrifying upside-down mansion in ‘Stranger Things’ is real

Peter’s terrifying upside-down mansion in ‘Stranger Things’ is real

As a matter of fact, you couldn’t even pay to live there

The locations usually shown in the movies or TV shows are frequently constructed and shot on sound stages for various practical purposes. But it is a huge shock to know that the series Stranger Things’ Season 4 had a location of the demonically possessed mansion that comes out to be an actual livable construction.

Located near the center of Rome, Georgia, the Gothic Revival House was built in 1882 and is also known as the Claremount House.

For sure, the fans of Stranger Things know it better as the ‘Creel House.’ It’s because this property belongs to Victor Creel and his young family, who moved in 1959, only to encounter the wicked demon Vecna in the fourth season.

In real life, this two-story magnificent house is one of Rome’s most notable historic homes. Colonel Hamilton Yancey built this house in the late 19th century, which consisted of six bedrooms and seven bathrooms. Check out Remote Work, Supermoons and other News, etc.

By the looks of the wooden frame and central mansard tower, yes, it looks a lot like the Psycho House. The purchasers are unafraid of this kind of stuff so they expect to buy it for around $872,800 if it comes back to the market.

This location was really normal until the Stranger Things production and scouting team rolled on to the place and modified it on the verge of reconstructing and offered a chance to uglify the place and shoot those demonic Creel scenes but yes the other shots were made on sound stages.