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Remote Work, Supermoons and other News, etc

Remote Work, Supermoons and other News, etc

Get updated on what’s going on in this city this week

This week plenty of activities are taking place in Dubai, which can be expected honestly in this dynamic and energetic city.

Are you up to speed on the latest news? Don’t worry about it because we have gathered all the top and best Dubai news this week. Please take a seat and grab all of it before the weekend begins.

 Dubai’s Remote Working Programme explained

What if I tell you that you can keep your job and enjoy the warm climate of Dubai, too? Seems like a dream, right? Well, the answer is yes. With the help of the Dubai virtual work program, you can move to the UAE. It was officially introduced in October 2020. In this program, a remote working visa can be obtained easily, which allows you to work in the city and take advantage of all it offers. You might be interested in Peter’s terrifying upside-down mansion in ‘Stranger Things’ is real.

The biggest supermoon of 2022

Have you ever wondered how a supermoon is made? According to NASA, supermoons occur when the full Moon corresponds with the Moon’s closest part to Earth in its ellipsoidal orbit, that point is called perigee. The supermoon that was seen this week was biggest and the brightest supermoon of the year. In fact, you should’ve seen it too because it was visible all over Dubai.

More e-bikes introduced in Dubai

Here is Fascinating news for anyone working or living around Dubai Festival City. Tier Mobility announced that a squad of electric-assisted bikes would be introduced in Dubai Festival City. These bikes will have three locations: Marsa Plaza, Festival Tower, and Dubai Festival City Mall. The fares start at just Dhs1.

Dubai to Hong Kong route to be reinstated

Here is good news for all people living in Dubai who work and do business in Hong Kong or are going for a vacation. An official announcement was made that Cathay Pacific will continue the non-stop flight lane Between Hong Kong and Dubai. Between these two cities, three flights a week will be operated. They are scheduled to run every Monday, Friday, and Saturday and will continue from 2nd October, Sunday.

UAE President speaks to the nation

HRH Sheikh Mohammad spoke to the citizen and residents of the UAE this evening, discussing the strategic approach this nation will face in the upcoming decades respecting the economy. Further, he mentioned his future goals, desires, and continued development of the country. He Continuously spoke for about fifteen minutes, then thanked the residents and citizens for their love, affection, and support for the UAE.