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Star One Restaurant Al Qouz Dubai Menu & Location

Star One Restaurant Al Qouz Dubai Menu & Location

At Star One Restaurant, they pride themselves on the ability to offer their customers delicious and authentic food created at the highest standards; every single meal they make is unique, and they guarantee their customers won’t let their customers get disappointed. You might be interested in Bosporus Turkish Restaurant.

The key to their success is very simple: to provide amazing meals that should be made out of only the purest and freshest ingredients that taste great every single time, no matter what. Know more about Laffah Restaurant Dubai.

Star One Restaurant Locations:-

The Star One restaurants has 1 following locations in the united arab emirates,

  1. Al Qouz, Dubai

Star One Restaurant Menu:-

The  Star One restaurant has delicious menu, they followings in the menu:.

  • Grill and Barbeque
  • Tandoori Dishes – Non Veg
  • Tandoori Dishes –  Veg
  • Bread Varieties
  • Fresh Juices
  • Fruit salad and cuts
  • Milk shakes and ice creams
  • Special sandwiches
  • Sandwiches
  • Burger Sandwiches
  • Combo sandwiches
  • Club sandwiches
  • Wrap sandwiches
  • Plates
  • North Indian dishes
  • South Indian dishes
  • Chef’s special – south Indian
  • Starts – Chinese cuisine
  • Salads – Chinese cuisine
  • Soups – Chinese cuisine
  • Fried rice – Chinese cuisine
  • Noodles – Chinese cuisine
  • Chicken – Chinese cuisine
  • Beef – Chinese cuisine
  • Seafood – Chinese cuisine
  • Vegetable – Chinese cuisine
  • Mutton and beef
  • Fish – curry special
  • Vegetable – curry special
  • Egg – curry special
  • Hot drinks