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Types Of Monitors, Panels, Resolution And Display Format – Know More

Types Of Monitors

Types Of Monitors

Do you want to know the types of monitors on the market? There are many available, and we anticipate that the choice is difficult. Although it seems like a simple matter, it is much more complicated than you imagine. There are a lot of possibilities to enjoy the image they provide you. If you want to make an informed choice, here is some summary information to help you buy a monitor.

Types of a monitor according to their lighting

We tell you about the most common monitors according to their feedback. It is a determining question for the final choice:

LCD screen

LCD or liquid crystal displays have a liquid crystal screen. They are used in many devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops.


They are flat screens made of glass. They reflect more light, for example than an LCD screen. Images are made up of thousands of tiny pixels that sit on electrical plates.

Led monitor

LED or light-emitting diode means “light-emitting diode .”Monitors of this type are considered backlit monitors. Currently, they are very famous in the market for their multiple benefits. Among them are its more comprehensive dimming range, reliability, and low cost. They consume little power and have a dynamic contrast ratio. This last feature is often essential to enjoying action games, movies, or television content. You might be interested in 7 Tips For Buying A Computer That Best Suits You.

Types of monitor panels

Next, we review the main types of panels. VA and IPS are the most used today.


TN stands for twisted nematic. It is a type of old technology that was widely used due to its low cost of manufacture. It offers a high speed of change and quiet response times (between 1 and 5 ms).

The problem is the color rendering. They are panels limited to 6 bits. This makes them unable to display the 16.7 million colors that are available in 24-bit actual color.


VA stands for vertical alignment​,  that is, vertical alignment of the crystals that compose them. Its color reproduction is very reliable. It is very close to reality. Its viewing angles are better than TN panels but worse than IPS. However, it contrasts better than the others and offers a deeper black.

If we talk about response times, we have up to 12 ms. High vertical refresh rates offset this. They also have good brightness and static contrast.


Its acronym means switching in the plane or what is the same in-plane switching. They are made with liquid crystals, although they differ from TN in that the crystals are parallel to the glass substrates. Know more about How to Create The Ideal Home Office.

This translates into a better representation of colors. In addition, all parts of the screen are seen with equal clarity. That is, the viewing angle does not affect. It can be said that this is the preferred technology today.

Types of the monitor according to resolution

You have the best on the market if you are looking for a high resolution. For many users with basic knowledge, the criteria of image quality and price are the determining factors. However, you should shuffle as much information as possible. So your choice will be more justified.


It means high resolution. Emerged in Japan, it achieves sharp images with vivid color. However, its maximum resolution is 1280 by 720 pixels. You can find this technology on many devices, such as smartphones, televisions, or tablets. You also find it on many computers.


Currently, if you are looking for a good resolution, this is what you will find in most cases. The name is a reference to the pixels you can find on the horizontal plane of the screen. That is, they are 4000 pixels, which allows you to see the images with a magnificent resolution.

Before this technology existed, the resolutions were named with another criterion. That is, the pixels of the vertical plane were taken into account. That’s why there were resolutions of 720 pixels or 1080. Screens with 4K resolution are the ones we see in the cinema and, for some time, on many monitors and televisions.

Display formats

This aspect can also help you decide what monitor you want to buy.


This means that for every 16 pixels on the horizontal plane, they have 9 pixels of vertical resolution. This results in an elongated screen. It is the pixel ratio that you can see on many devices today. Its usual resolutions are 1920 x 1080, 2560 x 1440 and 3840 x 2160 pixels.


They are much wider monitors than usual. They surpass the previous ones in their pixel ratio, which is 21:9. That is why they are beneficial for multitasking and some games.


We will include a little comment about touch screens because it is good that you consider them. They are widely used on smartphones and tablets but are becoming more common on laptops and even desktops.

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You have already seen that there are many types of monitors. As you can see, it is a topic on which it is worth being well informed. The image quality you work, watch movies or have a great time with your games depends on.