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What You Should Know Before Selling Your Android Phone

What You Should Know Before Selling Your Android Phone

What You Should Know Before Selling Your Android Phone

A small brief/guide before selling your android phone. Have you bought a new android phone, and are you considering selling your used mobile? If the answer is yes, you have come to the right place. And not only because at Cash Converters, we are specialized in buying second-hand smartphones, but also because we have prepared a guide for you to learn how to deliver it so that your used mobile is “like new.”

And for this, it is not enough to clean it on the outside, and it is also imperative to “clean” it on the inside to ensure that no personal data ends up in the hands of the next owner and that the state of the second-hand mobile is as close to the original factory state as possible…

Guide to selling a used mobile

To make selling your used mobile much more accessible, we have compiled a series of tips to help you leave your androidphone in the best possible condition. Although your mobile is iOS, we also have this guide on what to do before selling your android phone. Without a doubt, it can come from pearls.

Keep in mind that if all the points in this guide are not met, the next owner could receive a second-hand smartphone that does not work correctly and has our data, photos, and contacts, among others.

To prevent this from happening, the steps to follow are:

Make a back; although it may seem like a self-explanatory step, many users do not fall for this until it is too late and they have already restarted their terminal, making it very difficult to recover certain information.

For this reason, point 1 when selling a used mobile is to make a backup copy of all the information we want to save, such as contacts, images, videos, passwords, or even WhatsApp conversations or data from other applications.

Both iPhone and Android terminals have backup systems. Likewise, other applications offer this service, such as Google Drive.

  1. Remove SIM card, memory card, covers, and screen protectors.

Once the backup has been made, and all our data is safe, it is time to remove our SIM card from the smartphone we will use in our new terminal.

If we have a memory card and do not want to include it in the sale of the used mobile, we also extract it. Otherwise, once all stored data is backed up, we will perform a format to delete all our information.

It is also time to remove other accessories, such as covers or screen protectors, to leave the phone in a state as similar as possible to the original.

If the used mobile we want to sell has tempered glass installed, it is ideal to consult a professional when removing it. This way, we will avoid damaging the original screen of the smartphone.

  1. Delete all personal data

We have reached the halfway point of the steps to follow before selling a used mobile, the moment in which we unlink all the user accounts of the different applications. This is one of the most important steps to ensure that the next owner cannot access our data. 

Depending on each terminal brand and application, the process may vary. However, in the vast majority of them, it can be done from the app’s settings window or the smartphone’s settings option.

After verifying that all our accounts are unlinked from the phone, the next step will be to reset the smartphone to the original factory settings. Thanks to this action, we will get the mobile to be restored and in the same state as when we bought it, completely free of personal files, contacts, or records. Only device applications will remain, such as the camera, the gallery, or the clock, among others.

Again, restoring factory settings may vary from one smartphone to another, although in the vast majority, it can be done from the Tools or Settings app.

  1. Clean the smartphone

Once we have left our used smartphone “clean” inside, it is time to proceed to clean it on the outside. We will start by turning off the terminal, and with the help of a soft cloth slightly moistened in a soapy solution, we will clean both sides and the edge of the mobile. It is imperative that the fabric does not leave traces of fibers, and paper towels should be avoided, as these can cause micro-scratches on the smartphone screen.

With the help of a toothpick, we will clean those holes where dirt can accumulate and that it is impossible to reach with the cloth, such as the edges of the buttons or the different slots. This step must be carried out with great care to avoid damaging the mobile we want to sell.

  1. Check original box and accessories.

If we want to sell a used mobile at the best price, the ideal is to have the box and all the original accessories since this increases the value of the terminal.

If so, we will review their status and include them in the pack with a presentation as similar as possible to the original.

Where to sell a used mobile

If, after following all the steps in this guide, you are wondering where you can sell a used mobile, you are in luck. At Cash Converters, as specialists in second-hand items, we buy your used mobile and take care of the entire sales process.

You will only have to appraise the second-hand smartphone, online or in-store, if you agree with the appraisal, we will proceed to check the terminal, and if it is in optimal condition, we will pay you the agreed amount.

But beware! Remember that at Cash Converters, we are committed to giving items a second life and more sustainable consumption, so we only buy things that are in good condition. If you want to sell a broken used mobile or one that does not work perfectly, you should choose to take it to a clean point to be able to recycle it.